We are so fortunate to have such talented and generous friends! Here you we see the pictures we have received as gifts or prizes, and also we will be giving out kiriban prizes for those who hit specific numbers! Do we accept gifts?! Heck, yeah! Also on this page you will see a gallery of any of the gifts we have given out. ^^ I hope you enjoy! Who knows, maybe you'll receive one!
















































































***Gifts We've Given***

At his request, I illustrated a scene from Bryan Youngblood's
"Love Reflection".
You can read it over in the fanfic archives!

A special gift I did for Rei-sempai! These are her three favorite characters, so I said "Hey! Trio piccy!" A special thanks to her support and friendship, and also for allowing us to post her beautiful CGs!

My gift for Liz-chan of Digital Sushi. She requested that I do a 02 version of Mimi and Jou, and who am I to deny? ^^-* I really like this one a lot, I hope she does!

Wah. ;.; I don't like how this one turned out...I promise I'll do a better one, LM-san! Promise!

A little piccy-doodle I did for Meg-san over at Megchan's Digimon Sekai.
(If you haven't been there...where have you been?)

Here's that "better one" I promised for LM-san. ^^ This is to celebrate the 20,000+ hits her personal page has received! XD Congrats!!!

Another gift for Liz-san of Digital Sushi! Miyako and Koushriou are my second favorite couple!!! Aren't they great?!

For Haruno-sama of the Jyoumimi Doumei, a Japanese clique I joined to support the Jyoumi cause! A wonderful site with an amazing amount of goodies!

For Stacy-san, who has so graciously allowed me to use her drawings on my webpage! She gets to have one of my first CG! (And Jou-sempai looks so cute, too!!)

As requested, a New Year's pic for Liz-san, for her spiffy webpage! (I wonder if she likes me at all? We seems to get along well! ^o^)
She wanted it to be Yamato, Jou-sempai, and Mimi. A popular trio,deshou? ^^

A special gift for Amanda-san, also known as Aardwulf, who plays Jou-sempai in one of my IRC-based RPGs! She's such a great sport, and even if she is a Jyoushirou supporter (ew! ew! >.< I hate Yaoi!), she does some great Jyoumi stuff, as well! So this is for her...!

A special gift for Rb-san. ^^ So what if she's not a huge Mimi fan? ^^;; Mimi-chan thought this one up while gabbing with her a few nights ago, when Rb-san expressed how she'd like to see Cody in a bright outfit, like green. (She goes on and on about his green eyes...^^;) Thus "The Brilliant Green" is born! ~* I hope you like it, Rb-san!

A gift for g2n of reunion. ^^ This was kinda-sorta a thank you gift for finally making a Jyoumi shrine on her page! Now I can link to her! Yaaaaay! Her favorite coupling is Yamasora/Sorato. So I did this drawing for her!

Since I like drawing Sora, I decided to make g2n another gifty-poo! I've never drawing Taichi before, but I have this obsession with drawing SDs with a normal piccy...it's just so much fun! Wouldn't it be nice if we could do this in real life? Lots o' little SD Yama's and Jyou's crawling all over you? Whee! XD

For Rb-san, on her birthday! ~*

Seiitsu-saaan! This is part of my special birthday package to you! ~*

To Chris-san, to feed his Taiora craving. ^^; I kinda liked how this turned out, I never drew Taichi before... 

To Amanda-san, for her birthday. (Which is the same day as miiine! XD)

Tiff-san is my newest affiliate, and the newest Digimon page that I regularly visit! I asked if she wanted me to draw a gift for her opening, and she said, "YEAH!". ;; I asked her what she wanted, thinking she'd want something non-Jyoumi, seeing that I was a little dry in my Jyoumi inspiration...but of course, she asked for a Jyoumi. ;; What's a girl to do? ^^;;

I totally forgot who I did this for. @.@ I know I did it on Bonnie's oekaki board, and I REALLY like this one, too...oh, well. She knows who she is! It may have been Keruri-san...

My Daisuke oekaki gift for Kieru-san. Kinda high-school lookin'...

...kinda Yoroiden Samurai Troopers lookin', actually. ;;;

As if there isn't enough Yama oekaki in this world...~.~;

I did this one for Meg-san over at Bonnie's oekaki. ^^ I'm glad she liked it!

I really like doing Koushie-kun on oekaki boards! This one is for Teishin! Doesn't he look sweet and pretty?!

My first gift for Kath-san (Koani). Taichi's hair isn't quite big enough, but I need practice. @.@

My second oekaki gift for Kath-san. Taichi's hair is improving, but I can't figure out how exactly to work the mask function on advanced oekaki. T.T

Stacy-san had a birthday this last month! It's up on the page a little late, but...it's the thought that counts, right? Omedetto, Stacy-san~!

Seiitsu and Digital Anime Fox are making a webshrine to Kouyako! My second fave Digimon coupling! Included on the site will be a Jyoumi micro-shrine! >=D Ah, sweet children, I thought them well...

Meg-san of the Digimon Dairi has celebrated her one year anniversary! ^o^ So I decided to go ahead and make this gifty-poo for her...;;

My first Kouyako oekaki! This spawned a hilariously awesome stream of Kouyako pictures to follow...>=D I'm not complaining! I love them together!

For Rya-Sho's birthday! Another fellow Texan, and an awesome oekaki artist! I wish she'd visit my board more often, but I don't mind going to Bon-san's board at all, no-sir-ee.