Playful, silly and always loving to make jokes, Gomamon is the precise epitome of someone that Jou cannot stand. He's a water elemental and considers entertaining Jou a full-time job.
The monster with the world's biggest cult following, Gomamon is sassy, sarcastic and gets a kick out of teasing his partner. This cute litte creature is very opinionated and loves to goof off. Perhaps his only real flaw is his attack at this stage, a pathetic showering of his kind called "Marching Fishes."





As the series progresses, Gomamon's cheerful and go-get-`em attitude begins to rub off on Jou, and is probably responsible for Jou's easy-going personality in the 02 season. The relationship between Gomamon and Jou is probably the most popular plotline that involves a Digi-destined and their Digimon. These two have an entire webring dedicated to just them in Japan!