Mimi Tachikawa is probably the most widely admired character from Digimon Adventure. And why not? With a trademark hat, an amazingly rich father and the ability to charm the socks off of any male around, Mimi's got it made.

There's no denying Mimi is a genuine airhead, as we quickly see in the first episode. Valuing good clothes over comfort and a hot bath over safety, Mimi has a lot of vacant space in the common sense department. An only child (although there was a reference to a brother in one particular episode, no such brother exists), Mimi is used to being spoiled rotten and getting
whatever she desires from her doting parents. In turn, this makes her very self-centered and rather egocentric, the last thing the team needs when the battle's raging on.

However, Mimi is far from selfish, and actually quite compassionate and caring. Generous and caring, Mimi merely has a tendency to get wrapped up in herself at inconvenient times. This tendency is slowed as time progresses.

Mimi easily snags the award for the most eccentric character on the show.
Moody, quirky, typically confused, overly naive and prone to changing her
facial expression on a minutely basis, she's responsible for about 75% of the
comic relief on the show.

Two years later, Mimi moves to America but keeps up regular contact with the Digidestined. Two years after that, she frequents Japan to make plenty of appearances in Digimon: Zero Two.

What DID she do to her hair? The writers of Digimon seem to like the idea of Mimi being Americanized, as does Mimi herself. Still bubbly as ever, if not even more so, Mimi emerges as Miyako's (dubbed name Yolei's)
idol in Zero Two.
Now studying to be a fashion designer, Mimi is still as important to the team as ever.