01.07.01- I have SUCH a headache after this update. Why? Because I'm running out of space on this server! @.@ There's so much stuff~! Not TOO much, mind you...but isn't that great? I mean, it's annoying, but don't let that stop you from making more piccys, everyone! I've just registered a new server, so it'll be peachy, just a little complcated.

Anyway, the oekaki gallery has been updated, of course...no new -regular- drawings this time around, can you imagine? I guess everyone's been too busy at my oekaki board. ^^; Well, I have some new pictures in my gallery, so please be sure to look at those! And I've done some really nifty gifts for some people this time around--including a Kouyako/Jyoumi gift art for Seiitsu and Digital Anime Fox's upcoming Kouyako shrine! Please go peek!

I will be leaving for Colorado Springs, CO on the eighth of July, and I will not be back until the 20th. I will be going on a Christian retreat called "The Summit". I'm kinda excited about it, but I've only got until the 25th of August before I move into my dorm...I kinda want to spend some time relaxing at home. T.T Ah, well.

Anyway, now I have to focus on my baby..my labour of love...my original series, The Unicorn Academy. If you haven't read it, please do check it out! *.* I'd love you FOREVER!

07.06.01- My GAWSH, what an UPDATE! @.@ I thought I would NEVER get it done. I still haven't touched the library. I probably won't anymore...I'll keep the fics that I have up, and then separate my choice fics onto a seperate page, for those of you who want to know which of those fics are my personal favorites...

As for what's new this time around, a TON of new Jyoumi oekaki entries, including some in my CG gallery...new kiriban winners (I'm still working on number 11,111, but I have it sketched out! I just need to color it!), and lots of new gifts! Take a look around!

And we have reached over 100 members in the Mimou Monarchy!!! Isn't that great?! ^o^ I'm so excited! Even with the end of the Digimon series, Mimou is still going strong! Wrock on!

27.05.01- I updated the guest gallery, oekaki gallery, and the kiriban and gift pages. Just FYI, I will probably be recruiting a new co-webprincess for R.C., since Larzy-san's kinda retired and busy...I haven't heard from her for, like, EVER. So if you're interested, I'd love to hear from you!

I also added some new sizes to the oekaki board! We've gotten some AMAZING entries! Even if you don't draw, please stop by and comment!

I am starting a new Jyoumi fic...who knows when I'll get around to finishing it, though. @.@ Oy. If you haven't already, please do go read some of my stories! I'd really appreciate it! All reviews are welcome!

The Jyoumi fanart contest ends in just a few days! Get your entries iiiiin!
16.05.01- Updated the galleries. There's a new oekaki section in the image gallery, plus a few new gifts to me! ^o^ Please keep sending in donations/gifts! I really appreciate it!

15.05.01- Ugh. Senioritis. The update this month will be bit-by-bit. I have completed the final chapter of my Jyoumi "epic", and you can find it over in the library. I haven't gotten around to much sketching, I'm afraid, but I -have- been doing oekaki quite often! So often, in fact, I decided to follow a trend, rather than start one, for a change, and put an oekaki board up on this site! That's the first part of the update. As you will see, I also have a few new affiliates, and Rei-sempai's Digimon page is back up, with new artwork, to boot! Also be sure to check out Rinacat-san's Realm over in the links section...she's got a tiny little doujinshi up with some Jyoumi in it, as well! Lessee...anything else to add? I will have a new section of the gallery up soon, the all-new oekaki gallery, with oekaki doodles of Jyoumi-ness for you to enjoy! I'll be adding -my- oekaki doodles to the CG section of my gallery, in case you're wondering. Please come visit again soon, and take a look!

27.04.01- Heading out to "Night In Old San Antonio" in a few minutes, but I figured I'd attempt to update real fast! ^^ I'm on the final pages of my fanfiction, so it's not up in the library yet...but it's almost done! Promise! In the meantime, enjoy the new fanart done by moi...this update's coming a little early, so there's not as much added to the guest gallery. There's some new goodies in the kiriban and gift galleries...but not gifts were given to me these past two updates. T.T On a personal note, I had to put my beloved cat to sleep on the 24th, so I'm a little depressed...which is a first for me. So forgive me for the remotely stingy update, folks. Ansel-kun and I finished translating a short Jyoumi doujinshi, so that's up, to make up for the lack of fanart this time around. There's a lot of new fanfiction in the library, but I think I've missed some of it. ^^; How helpful do you guys find the library, huh? I mean, you can pretty much do a search on ffnet and come up with easier results...it's a lot of work for me, but I'll keep it up for now. Perhaps if it becomes too much of a hassle, I'll narrow it down to my fanfiction and things like that.

On other things, a LOT of my pens have gone dry! ;.; This week has been a bust, I guess...Ansel-kun backed out on taking me out for sushi this weekend, but I'm going to see if I Becky-san can take me. If not, I have plenty of good reasons to tell David-kun (the wonderful sushi chef that's my "fiancee") why I missed out this week.

Please send the fanart this way, minna-san! I really need it right now! ;.;

11.04.01- A few new entries in the Jyoumimi fanart contest...a few updates in the library (you'd have to look around! ^^; Sorry!), but the biggest of the updates are some additions to the kiriban page, and also a new guestbook! So if you haven't signed the new guestbook, please do, now! ^^ I'd really appreciate it!

23.03.01- YAY! I've been accepted to Trinity University, the college that I was working so hard to get into! Yaaay! Yaaay! Cheer for Mimi-chan!
Although the library hasn't had much to add to it, the fanart gallery is something completely different! I'm currently holding a fanart contest where you could one one of three Digimon Japanese plushies from 02! So I'm hoping we'll have quite a few new additions to the gallery, as well as some new artists! Anyhoo, be sure to check them out. We have some AMAZING pieces of artwork in there! And if you haven't entered yet, the deadline isn't until this summer! I would LOVE to have you enter!
No one has claimed the 5000 hit kiriban, but I did a piccy anyway to celebrate! I can't believe we've received so many visitors already! I mean, this isn't a Taiora shrine, or a general couples shrine...so receiving this many hits so often is such an honor! Anyhoo, please take a peek around! And look! We have over 70 members in the monarchy now! Jyoumi is really leaving a mark now! ^.- Keep it up, peeps! And let's get some more fanfiction going! I'll have my final chapter of
"The Best That You Can Do" out really soon, I promise!

09.03.01- ::phew!:: I think I have it all finished...lots of new additions to the library, as usual. Also, we have some great new additions to the galleries! We have quite a few new artists joining the ranks, and we have a WHOLE bunch o' new people joining the Mimou Monarchy!
On a sadder note, Lunatic Mimi has retired as the queen of Jyoumi ficcy writing on fanfiction.net, she's focusing her writing energies on writing Final Fantasy IX fiction now. Not to worry, Jyoumi fans! I, Tachikawa Mimi, am working overtime to bring you THREE new Jyoumi ficcys this next month! Just keep an eye out for me on ffnet, and there are plenty of other Jyoumi authors that will be sure to pick up where she left off! We'll miss you, Lunatic Mimi, and good luck on your other fic writing!
On an optimistic note, we've won a new award! XD Thanks soooo much!!!

18.02.01- Happy Birthday to meeee~! Well, it's not February 18th YET. But hopefully the update will be DONE by the 18th. Everything is updated--except for the library. Since stupid ffnet did that chapters system, I'm going to have a doozy of a time trying to fix up all of the fanfiction. And I haven't even read any of the recent Jyoumi fics posted lately. ;.; Forgive me! Not only do I have the chapters problem to deal with, but I've run out of space on this site! Tasuketeeee! I'll probably move some of the pages onto a new site or something--I'll figure something out. Just give me time. In the meantime, I have a HUGE update in the image galleries, and TONS of new members in the monarchy! Jyoumi RAWKS! ^^v Keep sending in that fanart!
01.01.2001- Happy 2001, everyone! I am trying to get into Trinity University, a very expensive private college here in San Antonio. In order to get financial aid (which I need), I must get SAT scores of 1280 or higher. Last summer, my scores were just barely 1200. I also have essays to write. Three, actually. And I have to finish reading the book written by the chair of Journalism at Trinity, so she could write a convincing letter of recommendation based on my opinons. I have my work cut out for me. I'll do an update on New Year's but after that, I am strictly open to communication. You can e-mail me, write me (e-mail me, and I'll gladly give you my address), or even call me! I will always be accepting Jyoumi goodies for the page, and I will still be keeping tabs on all of the ficcy's posted here on ffnet. So keep up the great work! I'll try to be back soon!
As for updates on the page, there are new fanficcys in the library, lots of new fanart by Tachikawa Mimi, some great new pictures in the guest gallery, and people have been so generous, they've been giving us lots o' gifts! So be sure to look around the pages! I think you'll like what you see!

16.12.2000- In case you couldn't tell, Mimi-chan's back from WDW! Lots of stuff updated this time around! You guys are very busy people! And I have lots of kiriban awards to give out, so the kiriban page is re-done to make sure everything fits. Thanks everyone for 1,000+ hits! We're barely a month old, and we're getting such amazing feedback on our page! It's really encouraging!
Christmas is just two weeks away, I'm not sure if I'll have any cute decoration piccys this year, since it's such short notice, and I've been gone for a while! ;.; If anyone cares to donate a Christmas index piccy to the page, it'd be VERY welcome! ^.^ I'm currently working on translating some Japanese Jyoumimi doujinshi and novels, and once those are done, Butterfly Kisses will be back up! Yaaaay! So much to do, so much to do...I also have to finish my own fanfiction for ff.net...oy. @.@ Enough gabbing! Got to get to work!

24.11.2000- I'm working on making all of the graphics to illustrate the pages Mimou...here's one of the first of the series---do you like it? ^^ I'm finally getting the hang of doing CG, although I'm not nearly as good as Rei-sempai or Rina-san...This is the final update before I come back from Disney World, so I hope it's enough! Updates in the image galleries, new stories in all of the library pages...new gifts, our clique has members (!), and instead of adding my new pictures to the image galleries, I've illustrated the page with them! Yippies!
15.11.2000-Whee! Our first update! Just about everything is updated! New stories on the fanfiction pages, so be sure to check those out! I did quite a few new doodles, so you'll see new artwork on the profile pages and all over the place! Also, please check out the feedback page--we're starting a clique for any Mimou/Jyoumi fans! You don't even have to have a webpage to join! XD We've also won our first award already! I'm so happy! And check out the awesome new Jyoumi piccy-doodles in the kiriban and gifts section! I really, -really- like them.
And on a side note, I will probably update this page one more time before leaving for Florida for two weeks. My family and I are going on a much-needed vacation, so I will be away from all computers! (Want me to send you a postcard? ^^ Just e-mail me! I'll even include a doodle if I can!)
There are also new links in the links section--heck, just about everything is updated! Take a look!
07.11.2000-This page was previously known as "Butterfly Kisses" and "Fairy Tale". We have joined our forces and have combined our pages to make the ultimate shrine to Mimi and Jou!
Special announcements will be posted here! ^^v

This is our grand opening, so please take a look around! If there's anything you'd like us to add, or something you'd like to see, please go to the feedback section of this page, and leave your comments in the guestbook! *

Once again, please do not take any of the pictures off of this page without first consulting us.