Tanemon, Palmon's In-Training form, is a calm, complacent little Digimon, Tanemon is more pacifist than fighter and a polite little thing. She makes very, very few appearances, the exception being the first several episodes.

Palmon is a sensitive, caring Digimon that's always considering how everyone feels before she speaks. This doesn't keep her from being honest, however, and she's a very persistent little thing. She thinks Mimi is a bit too self-absorbed, but she'll do anything for her, regardless of how many fights they have over the importance of a good hairstyle.

Togemon, Palmon's (sadly) most unattractive form, is militant and an excellent fighter. In terms of proportion, about three girls Mimi's size could fit into Togemon's palm. Togemon makes many appearances at first, but her Needle Spray attack loses its edge quickly.






Here you see Lilymon,the Ultimate form of Palmon. Incredibly agile and powerful, she fights with the flowers of sincerity and can take down a single foe with Flower Cannon. Much, much smaller than Togemon, Lilymon's speed is showed off in the Dark Masters series, and she seems to enjoy spending time with Zudomon.