Right, right. You think Mimi and Joe paired up is boring. Whatever. Obviously you haven't read your fair share of fanfiction. Mimi and Joe are realistic. (Read: They're the only Mimi-based couple that would actually get together and stay together.) Here's some of the reasons.

1. They play off eachother perfectly. Their interaction is a scene-stealer no matter which episode you watch.

2. His pessimistic attitude balances out her bubbly perkiness, so they don't cause danger to those around them. ^.-

3. The evidence, the evidence! (Something that Mimato fans, unfortunately, do not have. Sorry.)

4. Although they may be our personal favorite characters, that is not the reason I pair them together. (Another flaw in the Mimato theory.)

5. They're one of the most popular pairings in Japanese doujinshi. (I subscribe to Animedia. They're everywhere on the Digimon pages.)

6. (from the mouth of Tachikawa Mimi! ^^v ) They remind me of my favorite couple in entertainment, Richard Karinsky and Caroline Duffy, from the former NBC series "Caroline in the City". (see below)

See?! They even have the Mimi/Joe look to them!

7. We've read quite a few Digimon fanfiction, including Mimato and Mishirou. (I gave EVERY guy a fair chance at Mimi when I first started Digimon, and I've finally made my decision.) The Joe and Mimi fics are by far the best written in style, form, and concept. They're all original, they're all true to character, and they're all hilariously entertaining when they have to be, and they're even tear-jerking during some of the times.

8. It's not one of those lame, unrealistic "love-at-first-sight" things. Get real. Love at first sight is based on just that. Sight.

9. We've browsed so many Japanese Digimon websites, more than a thousand by now. Never once is there any Mimato picture anywhere. It's strickly an American thing. The Japanese creators never intended anything to be implied between those two characters, so we know it's never going to happen in the series. Sorry, folks. The Japanese creators have the last say.

...there's so many more reasons, but these are a few that I thought of off the top of my head. More will be added as we continue the page!

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